The living room or family room is often a focal point for buyers who come to
see your listing. They’ll look around and imagine relaxing evenings, family gettogethers, and holidays celebrated in that room. So it’s important to ensure it
looks its best.
Here are professional staging tips for doing just that:
1. Neutralize the palette. Consider repainting walls in shades of beige,
grey, or off-white. These hues will appeal to a broader range of buyers
and allow them to visualize their own décor in the space. These colours
will also make the room look bigger.
2. Strategic Furniture Placement. Position furniture away from walls, if
possible, to create a cozy, conversational setting. Keep pathways clear
to ensure easy movement and make the space feel more open.
3. Invest in Key Pieces. A few standout items can elevate the entire look.
Perhaps it’s a chic coffee table, an elegant sofa, or a statement rug.
And remember – you get to take these with you when you sell.
4. Add Textural Elements. Incorporate soft throws, plush pillows, or a
tactile rug. These elements create a cozy atmosphere that can make
potential buyers feel right at home.
5. Minimize Electronics. While many family rooms are centred around
the TV, when staging, it’s advisable to downplay its dominance.
Consider a tasteful cabinet or decorative screen to partially hide large
6. Greenery and Fresh Flowers. Potted plants, succulents, or a vase of
fresh flowers can add vibrancy and a sense of freshness.
7. Accessorize Thoughtfully. Less is more when it comes to
accessories. A few well-chosen pieces – like a decorative bowl, coffee
table, books, or elegant candlesticks – can provide the finishing touches
without overwhelming the space.
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