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Looking to buy but overwhelmed with the choices?

Whether your looking for a new, old, or character home. Prefer being in town or on the farm we get it, and we are here to help! You can trust that we will be brutally honest, maybe even talk you OUT of a home or two, because let’s face it – you’ve hired us to look out for your best interests. We aren’t just about finding you a house. We want to find you a home, the right home, one that you love wholeheartedly, and one you can create lasting memories in.

Find the perfect home & write your offer.

Buying real estate is one of the biggest and most stressful decisions you will ever make. When you own your own home, your hard-earned dollars contribute to your mortgage instead of rent and the equity you earn is yours. As an investment, real estate has always been a sure way to generate and grow a profitable portfolio.

Throughout the buying process, you will be faced with a million choices and multiple decisions. Finding that perfect home and obtaining a mortgage loan can be a complex and tiring process. Trust us when we say, we get it!

Diana will assist you in every step of the way to help make the process of purchasing a home in the Creston area so much easier. Not only that, but you will find it more enjoyable, and less time-consuming than if you undertook this challenge on your own.

We take the buying process as seriously as the buyers do and offer only the highest quality of service to our clients.

Why you need a REALTOR®

A licensed real estate professional provides much more than the service of helping you find your ideal home. REALTORS® are expert negotiators. We offer seasoned financial advice, and can superbly navigate clients around the roadblocks, and barriers sometimes associated with buying a home:
  • A knowledgeable REALTOR® can save you endless amounts of time, money, and frustration.
  • A knowledgeable REALTOR® knows the housing market inside and out and can help you avoid the “wild goose chase.”
  • A knowledgeable REALTOR® can help you with any home, even if it is listed elsewhere or if it is being sold directly by the owner.
  • A knowledgeable REALTOR® knows the best lenders in the area and can help you understand the importance of being pre-approved for a mortgage. He or she can also discuss down payments, closing costs, and monthly payment options that suit you.
  • A knowledgeable REALTOR® is an excellent source for both general and specific information about the community such as schools, churches, shopping areas, and transportation—plus tips on home inspections and pricing.
  • A knowledgeable REALTOR® is experienced at presenting your offer to the seller and can help you through the process of negotiating the best price. by bringing objectivity to the transaction, he or she can point out the advantages and the disadvantages of a particular property.
One of the things that’s so important to mention is that as a home buyer, “hiring” a realtor is FREE to you. This means that the benefits, and peace of mind you’ll receive from using a knowledgeable REALTOR® is worth thousands of dollars. At no cost to you.

Why Buy Your Creston Home With Me?

Don’t let the fact that I’m new the area fool you! I know this community inside and out, and can help you determine what area would be perfect for you!
  • I promise to keep you up-to-date via email with any new homes as soon as they come on the market. Along with any new homes that are coming to market before they go live.
  • I put a lot of time into assessing your needs and wants when it comes to matching you to your perfect home.
  • Once I have the best homes matched to you, we take you out and show you all the homes best suited to your wants and needs.
  • Once I find a home that interests you, we prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which will show you all similar homes that are currently listed and which have recently sold in your area.
  • We use our extensive knowledge and experience to professionally present your offer & aggressively negotiate the best possible purchase price and terms.
  • I prepare and explain all the terms of the offer, counter offers and all associated documents.
  • I ensure that you have a clear understanding of all upcoming closing costs and safeguard your interests with a binding, enforceable contract.
  • Due to my extensive experience in the real estate market, we’re able to recommend mortgage brokers, home inspectors, lawyers, trades people, etc. with a proven track record and that are familiar with the area and types of homes in your search area.
I take my buyers just as seriously as I do my sellers. Which means I am readily available to you 7 days a week, and will be in your corner ever step of the way. Remember I’m committed to making your buying experience exciting, and enjoyable.

The Buying Process

My Goal ad your Creston Realtor is to make the purchasing process easy, enjoyable, and painless. I want you to know that I’m here for you every step of the way. However, because I know you’re curious here is a quick idea of what the process looks like.

Starting Your Search

We meet – usually in a coffee shop or my office. This is my chance to get to know you and find out where you’re at in the buying process. Are you a 1st time home buyer? Downsizing from another property? Maybe you’re starting over again and need something new to suit you and your family? We’ll discuss timelines and pre-approvals. And we’ll review expectations (yours, and mine) to make sure we’re a good fit. Also, a good thing to note is I don’t only use the MLS® system to find your home, I go beyond that, as there are other resources too.

We View Homes Together

Showing time! I’ll go through your entire list of favorites and book a time to start looking. I may even add a few “surprise” houses to your list – ones I think might be a good fit. There’s no pressure here –as we want to get the best sense of what you are looking for, and how you feel in each home. After each viewing, we will sit down and talk about what’s important to you. This way we can be sure we are targeting the best houses on the market to fit your exact needs.

Making an Offer to Purchase

It’s commitment time! You’ve found the house so it’s time to write that offer! We’ll prepare a market evaluation and give you our thoughts on where we feel the home should be priced. After that I will walk you through all the complicated documents, so you are comfortable and well aware of what you are signing. I will work with you to make sure we have the right Terms and Conditions set up. This is what makes sure you are protected. Some of the items we will be discussing here are, the price, the completion and possession dates, the deposit, clauses, subjects, and what happens if the offer expires. Being a Certified Negotiating Expert, I will negotiate the absolute best price and terms for you.

Congrats Your Offer’s Accepted?

From negotiating the offer and setting the proper terms & conditions, to sending documents off to your lender, arranging for home inspections, and signing off on the deal we’ve got you covered! At this point you can relax a little and wait to hear about your subject removal, once that’s cleared your only job will be to start packing & move in!

Closing Day

This is the day you will meet with a Lawyer or Notary to do the paperwork, pay the remainder of the down payment (minus the deposit), and the closing costs. The title of the home then gets transferred over to you. (You may also need an insurance binder before meeting with the Lawyer or Notary)

Possession Day

Our favorite part, you & I will meet, and you’ll finally receive the keys to your new home!

Getting A Mortgage

Assuming you have already been preapproved by a mortgage broker or financial institution. Once the Offer to Purchase has been accepted, I send it to the lender. Any final documentation that the lender requires will be presented at this time. Your lender may ask you to get a property appraisal, a land survey, or both. You may also be asked to get title insurance. Your lender will tell you about the various types of mortgages, terms, interest rates, amortization periods, and payment schedules available.

I am sure you will have lots of questions about mortgages, ie; what is a conventional and High-ratio mortgage, what are the mortgage terms, interest rates, fixed, variable rates, and more.

I do work with highly skilled mortgage brokers all of which will be delighted to answer any of your questions or concerns.

What Home Is Right For Me?

Once you have a good idea about your finances, you’ll need to think clearly about the home you’d like to buy, and which Creston neighborhood or Kootenays area you would like to buy-in. Also, think about Your Needs — Now and in the Future. What is happening now in your life, and what do you hope will happen one day. Do you need something big enough to grow into? Or are you just looking for a cozy condo beside the lake?

Try to buy a home that meets most of your needs for the next 5 to 10 years or find a home that can grow and change with your needs. It’s really that simple when you’re starting to look.

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How Much Will My Home Really Cost?

Once you know what kind of mortgage you want and the price of the house you can afford in the Greater Vancouver Area, you should add up all of the other costs involved in buying a house so that you know the true cost of buying your home.

When you buy a house, it isn’t only the cost of the house that you need to save for. You can expect the following costs: property taxes paid from the time of your possession onwards, legal fees, moving costs, and deposits for utility hook-ups, just to name a few.

Fill out the form below to receive a free comprehensive guide on pricing out your property! You will be pleased to find how much information is in our guide, and we walk you through all the costs related to purchasing your home, and how to calculate it.

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